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The term "virtual server" refers to the type of server (virtualised server). The term "root server", on the other hand, describes the way in which the system can be accessed. Root access means that the administrator has unlimited control over the system. Rent a Virtual PC in the Cloud | Managed IT Services Rent a Virtual PC in the Cloud Rent a Virtual PC from Group 4 Networks. Your next PC may be in the cloud, where free storage and rentable apps allows anyone to sync their Windows desktop with an iOS device such as an iPad, an Android tablet, a laptop and a desktop computer, whether its Windows, Linux or even a Mac.. Virtualization allows cloud servers to execute Windows applications remotely Cloud Mac Rental: Online virtual Mac OSX VPS with XCode So rent a Mac online with the latest XCode running in a Mac virtual machine. I don't count or limit your time. Just don't use it as a 24/7 server. If you have to work for half a day no problem. Use it, enjoy it, shut it down afterwards. Come later. During the day the load is very light anyway.

Virtual Office. Build your presence fast, anywhere in the world. Our virtual office locations are in every major town, city, and transport hub worldwide, so you can represent your business professionally – wherever you need to be. Choose your new business address and any phone, mail handling, and workspace services you need.

Simple setup Paperspace is the perfect platform for running cloud games. We've partnered with Parsec to deliver the best cloud gaming platform in the world. Run even the most demanding games on a Raspberry Pi or Macbook Air.

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