Multi-format KeePass password manager, the app allows saving and using passwords, keys and digital identities in a secure way, by integrating the Android design standards. Features - Create database files / entries and groups. - Support for .kdb and .kdbx files (version 1 to 4) with AES - Twofish - ChaCha20 - Argon2 algorithm.

Though there are plenty of options for password manager, KeePass is our favorite one. It is cross-platform compatible and can integrated with the browser to autofill the username and password. Though there is no official KeePass android app but there are several KeePass-compatible ones. One of them is Keepass2Android. KeePass2Android If you like the idea of keeping your mobile passwords and information safe, it would be a good idea to install KeePass on your mobile. Here are some of the Top KeePass apps for Android and iOS. KeePass2Android Password Safe (Link) This open source app integrates with almost all Android browsers and lets you edit .kdbx files. Oct 09, 2016 · Best Keepass Companion Apps for Android. This app can work with the various browsers on the Android device and then put up the function of uploading password database through them to the Google Drive, dropbox, one drive etc and many other cloud storage options.This app is a simple nice working module that integrates with your web browsers and May 13, 2020 · Keepass2Android is an open source password manager application for Android. It reads and writes .kdbx-files, the database format used by the popular KeePass 2.x Password Safe for Windows and other desktop operating systems. The user interface is based on Keepassdroid (by Brian Pellin), ported from Java to Mono for Android. KeePassDX Open Source Password Manager for Android. Save and use passwords, keys and digital identities in a secure way by integrating the Android design standards.

Jun 29, 2013 · Next, choose an app that’s compatible with KeePass databases. Android users can try KeePassDroid , while iPhone users can try MiniKeePass . For alternative apps and apps for other platforms, browse the list of unofficial KeePass ports on the KeePass download page .

May 30, 2020 · KeePassDroid is an implementation of the KeePass Password Safe for Android. Read/write support for .kdb and KeePass 1.x. Read/write support for .kdbx and KeePass 2.x. Note 1: as of 14 November 2019, MiniKeePass has been removed from the App Store. Note 2: on 5 April 2020, MiniKeePass returned to the App Store with an announcement that the app will be retired by the end of the year. Started in 2011, MiniKeePass is one of the oldest KeePass app for iOS. Unfortunately, it has been abandoned by its developers. The password database file can be synchronized across different devices. This works best using one of the built-in cloud storage options, but can also be performed with third-party apps. Keepass2Android is compatible with Keepass 1 and Keepass 2 on Windows and KeepassX on Linux. Where to get it? Apr 07, 2020 · It is fully compatible with regular KeePass 2.x database files, syncs across devices seamlessly, and integrates far better with Android than any other KeePass port I have tired. Its reliance on Google Play Services is a drawback, and it would be great to see an F-Droid version of the app.

Originally built as a home project just for my own use, many others found it on the App Store have found it useful which has both really surprised me and brings me great joy. Support for KeePass was added in late 2018 due to many requests and its popularity has increased with this extra functionality. The KeePass format adds many nice features

KeePass is a cross-platform app. If you use KeePass on Windows, Mac, or Linux PC, you can move the KDB and its key file to access the passwords on the mobile phone. KeePass2Android enables you to create groups, which may have one or more entries. It allows you to tag entries. You can save as many login credentials as you want with this free app. It allows me to use my KeePass database on a Fire tablet or Chromebook with Android capability. Unfortunately this app only allows use of KeePass 1 databases. I can't fault the developer for this. Too bad the Amazon app store doesn't have KeepassDroid2 app which is more advanced but uses a different database. Dec 03, 2013 · KeePassDroid has always been my go-to app to access my password in Android. However, I do miss the auto-fill feature found in the Keepass 2 desktop app. With Keepass2Android, it fills the gap and I am now able to access my password database as well as getting it to auto-fill password in my Android browser. Latest News. KeePass 2.45 released 2020-05-07 14:51. Read More » KeePass 2.44 released 2020-01-20 14:22. Read More » KeePass 1.38 released 2020-01-13 15:02. The kids use the Android app to watch videos and the parents use the web interface to add or remove videos. Please enjoy! We'll monitor this post, so parents, please leave your feedback. Please note the website/mobile web is free to add and play as many videos as you like, but the mobile app has a monthly subscription fee.